Admiring the best poetic lakes in Vietnam to find peace of mind

Admiring the best poetic lakes in Vietnam to find peace of mind

24-12-2016 17:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
You want to find peace of mind? Let’s take a look at these best poetic lakes in Vietnam that you will get calm in your soul immediately.

Escape from crowded urban centres to peaceful and relaxing places by the journey to top 6 famous natural freshwater lakes in Vietnam:

1. Ba Be Lake – A fairy place of Bac Kan

Ba Be is in the top 100 largest freshwater lakes and the top 16 most beautiful lakes of the world voted by MSN magazine.

lakes in vietnam-ba be

Beautiful scene of nature in Ba Be lake (Quang Vu)

The lake belongs to Ba Be National Park which is recognized as a national tourist zone of Vietnam, about 230 km away from Hanoi city’s center.

lakes in vietnam-ba be forest

Fairy pond in Ba Be lake (Green Bean Photography)

This beautiful lake in Vietnam is surrounded by a vital green color of the dense primeval forests and fresh along with a little cold weather throughout the year.

lakes in vietnam-ba be cave

Visitors would love to explore the mysterious caves here (Khoi Tran Duc)

Small groups can rent canoes to float on the lake and freely contemplate scenery. For larger groups, you all can challenge yourselves by biking in zigzag around the lake path and across the forest. This is actually interesting experience that is worth trying.

lakes in vietnam-ba be boat

A girl rows the boat along the lake (Cong Nguyen Thanh)

In addition, you can visit Hua Ma cave, Tien pond, Dau Dang waterfall, Puong cave, etc. and enjoy specialties of northern mountains like hill chicken, wild vegetables, weaned pigs, fragrant glutinous rice, bamboo sprout.

2. Eakao Lake - Rustic and natural beauty

After setting foot on coffee land - Buon Ma Thuot, it will be regretful not to visit Eakao Lake (it means unfailing lake in Ede ethnic language).

lakes in vietnam-eakao

Sunset in Eakao Lake (Vu Thai Dac)

Located only 10 km from downtown city, this charming lake of Vietnam attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Each deciduous season, the entrance to the lake becomes so romantic with gold leaf flooded the path that creates a charming painting.

lakes in vietnam-eakao sunset

Eakaolake is located in Ban Me – the land of red earth (Pơ lang)

If you travel in June, you will find Eakao Lake shallow that reveals eye-catching green grass.

3. Xuan Huong Lake - Sparkling lake in the heart of dreamy Da Lat

People cannot miss Xuan Huong Lake in very well-known beautiful lakes and best places to visit in Vietnam. It’s like a giant mirror of the foggy city.

lakes in vietnam-xuan huong lake

Sunrise of Xuan Huong lake in Dà Lat (Bui Luan)

Xuan means spring and Huong means perfume in Vietnamese. The reason for this name is because the lake is full of pine forest’s smell combined with floral scent of lakeside flower garden in the spring. 

lakes in vietnam-ho xuan huong sunset

No one can forget this fanciful scene of sunset in Xuan Huong Lake (Khang Duong)

4. Tuyen Lam Lake – The silence of nature

Also located in Da Lat city, Lam Dong province, Tuyen Lam Lake is one of beautiful lakes in Vietnam no less attractive than Xuan Huong Lake.

lakes in vietnam-tuyen lam

Splendid scenery of Tuyen Lam lake (Le Dang Khoa)

The lake is near Phung hoang Mountain (phoenix mountain) and wears a fairy dress of native land with a scarf around made of dusky white mist all year.

Tuyen Lam Lake is listed in 21 national tourist zones of Vietnam.

lakes in vietnam-tuyen lam view

Dreaming Tuyen Lam Lake in faded dew (Lynne Le)

5. Bien Ho Lake – The eyes of Pleiku

Other name of the lake is T’nưng or Tơ-nưng that means lake on the mountain. Its scenery is peaceful all year like a giant mirror in the heart of the mountain town – Pleiku. Thefore, this is an ideal lake (Vietnam) for those who desire to find a peaceful place after the daily bustle life.

lakes in vietnam-bien ho pleiku

Majestic Bien Ho Pleiku in Gia Lai (Vu Nguyen)

 It’s 7km away from Pleiku city’s center to the West. Tourists will pass along the long road surrounded by tricuspid pine trees straight with the smell of the mountains, red soil and trees.

lakes in vietnam-bien ho pleiku view

The road leading to Bien Ho is so picturesque (Amateur Pic)

A good suggestion for you is to rent a boat for leisurely panoramic views and saving amazing shots in this nice lake of Vietnam.

lakes in vietnam-bien ho pleiku forest

Nature in Bien Ho Lake looks like a wonderful masterpiece (Amateur Pic)

Beside Bien Ho lake, visitors can get a tour to Dai Doan Ket (Great Unity) Square, Phu Cuong waterfall, Ho Troi (Sun Hole), etc.

6. Hoan Kiem Lake – An ancient corner of Hanoi capital 

Hoan Kiem Lake or Returned Sword  Lake seems to be a focal point when mentioning to the capital Hanoi. Amid the bustle and busy urban centre, the lake’s surface is so calm like a real fairy place.

lakes in vietnam-hoan kiem

Sunset creates a new look to Hoan Kiem lake (Spc Jayjay)

lakes in vietnam-hoan kiem sunrise

Clear sunrise in Hoan Kiem lake (Rua)

 Apart from Hoan Kiem Lake, if you have a chance to set foot on the capital city, you’d better try admiring the sunset with tepid colors of the West Lake.

West Lake is considered as the most romantic drawing line in the multi-colored painting of Hanoi, a world of pure breeze, breadth and romance.

lakes in vietnam-ho tay sunset

Attractive sunset in West Lake (Khoi Tran Duc)

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