4 Dalat strawberry gardens are too sweet to be in

4 Dalat strawberry gardens are too sweet to be in

07-03-2017 11:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
What regretful it is if you visit Dalat without taking photos in Dalat strawberry farms. Get sweet pictures and strawberry hand-picking experience now.

What regretful it is if you visit Dalat – one of Vietnam tourist places, without taking photos in Dalat strawberry farms. Get sweet pictures and strawberry hand-picking experience now.

The following addresses of Dalat strawberry gardens will satisfy your hobbies of taking photos as well as strawberry hand-picking in real.

1. Uncle Hung’s strawberry garden

The garden is located right in front side of Thanh Mau Street, so it is quite easy to find.

dalat strawberry garden-uncle hung

Fresh strawberries are gathered and weighted before selling for visitors (Pham Kieu Oanh)

This is a Dalat strawberry garden which is introduced mostly by many tourists in Dalat because of its extremely wide area in both greenhouse and outdoor garden. The landscape and sunshine here is impeccable.

dalat strawberry garden-uncle hung people

Posing photos to check-in in the middle of strawberry garden is also a favorite activities of young people (Pham Kieu Oanh)

The strong point of Uncle Hung's strawberry garden is friendliness, enthusiasm and clean strawberries. If you go to Thanh Mau Street and still cannot find the garden, the uncle and aunt will pick you up at your location and introduce happily and friendly about the garden.

dalat strawberry garden-uncle hung garden

Who can ignore these delicious strawberries like that? (afamiy)

Many people comment that Uncle Hung’s strawberry garden in Dalat has expensive price as twice as at Da Lat market or elsewhere. However, strawberries in this garden are guaranteed to be clean and natural without plant growth stimulants. It’s quite reasonable with the price of 50.000 – 80.000 VND (2.3-3.4 USD)/ half kilogram with big sweet strawberries and freely photo taking.

dalat strawberry garden-uncle hung trees

Strawberry here is grown in a natural way without pesticide (afamiy)

2. Hiep Luc Strawberry Garden

This Dalat strawberry garden is a destination that you can easily visit Valley of Love or Dream Hill nearby because Hiep Luc Strawberry Garden is so close to these areas.

dalat strawberry garden-hiep luc

General view of the garden (nguyen.hoangviet)

Hiep Luc garden is located exactly on Nguyen Tu Luc Street. It has a very wide area and grows mainly France and New Zealand strawberry, raspberry, tomato, etc., so tourists can pose many different photos with diversified plants.

dalat strawberry garden-hiep luc corner

Pots of trees are placed in the racks which are much higher than the ground (sharonle39)

Strawberries are grown by hydroponic method, so they are laid on racks about a meter from the ground and completely have no pesticide. Therefore, strawberries of this Dalat strawberry farm have very eye-catching and natural color with fresh and light sweet and sour tastes.

dalat strawberry garden-hiep luc trees

It is definitely a yield of fresh products which are greater than usual (fairydangsing)

You can pick strawberries and eat immediately without washing to feel the natural flavors of Dalat at Hiep Luc. Moreover, you can also buy products of strawberry jam made at home as gifts for relatives and friends.

3. Japanese strawberry garden

The garden is the destination which is checked-in the most as a result of Japanese trend from young people. Japanese products and other related items receive more favorite.

dalat strawberry garden-Japanese strawberry

Red and juicy Japanese strawberries (nguyetcatnguyen97)

Japanese strawberry garden is located on Thanh Mau Street in Dalat in the same location with Uncle Hung strawberry garden.

dalat strawberry garden-Japanese strawberry trees

The garden has hundreds of racks which carry many beautiful and tasty strawberries (afamlily)

With hydroponic method, the racks of fresh green strawberries will appear as soon as you have just entered the garden. Speckled red strawberries in green leaves and the harmonious color of the sunny weather Dalat with poetic space will make anyone want to get many nice shots.

dalat strawberry garden-Japanese strawberry corner

You can also take a look at tomato garden (thuthuy070)

Other interesting point of Japanese strawberry garden is racks of tomatoes. Clean, small and red tomatoes have sweet taste but light sour taste. You don’t have to wash them because the whole planting process isn’t used pesticides or plant growth stimulant. Just take a ripe tomato to eat and buy more as gifts or to sip on the way back home.

dalat strawberry garden-Japanese strawberry product

Japanese strawberry has very unique taste of sweet (afamily)

Japanese strawberry is different from France or New Zealand strawberry. It has price of 200.000 - 300,000 VND (9-14 USD)/ kilogram but more bright red and superior sweetness.

4. Biofresh Strawberry farm

Biofresh garden currently "dominates" the account of Instagram with beautiful check-in photos. This beautiful Dalat strawberry farm is located on Ho XuanHuong Street and planted under European standards with integrated greenhouses placed closely next to each other, strawberries are so juicy.

dalat strawberry garden-BioFresh

The garden has a very cool and open space (afamily)

You will buy an entrance ticket of 10.000 VND (0.5 USD)/ person and take photos comfortably.

dalat strawberry garden-BioFresh trees

People are free to choose favorite products (afamily)

Strawberry picking in Da Lat become an interesting activities of visitors. You can hand-pick the lovely, meaty and sweet New Zealand strawberries there.

Prices of strawberries are 200.000 – 300.000 VND (9-14 USD)/ kilogram, so you should consider picking much or less an amount of strawberry!

dalat strawberry garden-BioFresh children

Collecting strawberry is a helpful and interesting activity for children (afamily)

Clean and luxurious arrangement, scenery of photos in the garden of Biofresh strawberry is truly different and more qualified than nearby strawberry farms in Dalat.

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