Things to Buy in Hanoi: Best Gifts to Take Back to Your Country

Things to Buy in Hanoi: Best Gifts to Take Back to Your Country

16-12-2016 10:52 Posted by: Thao Tran
Have headache of what the best things worth to buy in Hanoi. This list is actually your answer. Surprise your relatives by these gift, why not?

Just look for these things when you come to the capital of Vietnam because these are definitely the best things to buy in Hanoi:

1. O mai - Like “Oh mine” (salted or sugared dry apricot)

This is one of things worth to buy in Hanoi and famous for delicious taste yet affordable. Moreover, O mai is dried out, so it is very convenient to have the nosh on your plane.

things to buy in hanoi-dry apricot

You should try to taste salted/sugared dry apricot with flavor of Old Quarter Hanoi (Blue jan’s)

There are many different types of O mai made from Vietnamese typical fruits like dracontomelum, apricot or satsuma, etc. Among them, dracontomelum O mai, the distinguished mixture of dracontomelum steeping in ginger water, will surely satisfy even the most discerning guest.

things to buy in hanoi-o-mai

There are variety ofsalted/sugared dry apricotso visitors are freely to choose (Soha)

Address: Hang Duong, Hang Da (Van Loi), Ly Quoc Su Street or Hong Lam O mai chain stores, etc.

2. Com (green rice flakes)

Com reminds people about the autumn of Hanoi. Com is wrapped in fragrant lotus leaves. Tourists can enjoy various types of Com such as stirfried Com, Com cake, etc.

things to buy in Hanoi-green rice

Green sticky rice is a precious gift that autumn of Hanoi grants for people here (kenh14)

When buying Com, you should have a look at the manufacture date and expiry date because Com will not be fresh for long, especially in hot weather.

things to buy in hanoi-com cake

Green sticky rice cakes (khoevadep)

Address: Com cake store at the end of Hang Than Street, Ninh Nguyen shop (11 Hang Than Street), fresh Com in Vong Village (Cau Giay District, Hanoi), fried Com at Qua Que (countryside nosh) shop near Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake) (go to Dinh Liet Street, near the intersection with Hang Bac Street and right next to a famous snail restaurant).

3. Lotus tea

Other best thing to buy in Hanoi is lotus tea which is often drunk in Vietnamese culture. The most famous is West Lake lotus tea which goes through extremely meticulous process that premium Thai Nguyen tea will be embalmed with lotus for several times to absorb specific taste.

things to buy in hanoi-lotus tea

Delicate flavor of Hanoi cuisine seems to gathered in a small pot of lotus tea (Kienthuc)

Lotus for the tea must be grown in the West Lake for distinguished fragrance. Drinking this special tea will bring tourists with typically charming taste spreading in the mouth.

Address: Hang Dieu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

4. Souvenirs

Hang Trong painting

Hang Trong painting is one of the three typical folk painting types in Vietnam along with Dong Ho paintings and Kim Hoang paintings that express clearly Vietnam’s culture and spirit life.

things to buy in hanoi-hang trong picture

Meticulous line of artist (Le Bich)

The unique thing of Hang Trong painting is its using of wooden board to print the painting line on paper material. For art lovers, Hang Trong painting is one of things worth to buy in Hanoi.

Address: Hang Trong Street (Hoan Kiem District), painting shop of artist Le Dinh Nghien at 22A, Cua Dong Street.


You can buy artistically designed handicraft at shops on Ly Quoc Su, Hang Gai, Hang Bong, Nha Tho Street, Temple of Literature, etc.

things to buy in hanoi-handicraft

Skillful hands of artists in traditional village of Vietnam made incredibly beautiful handicrafts (tin247)


Among best things to buy in Hanoi, ceramic products are a great choice. Tourists can visit the traditional porcelain and pottery village of Bat Trang to buy the best ceramic product as gifts.

things to buy in hanoi-porcelain

Set of cups and tea pot is extremely delicate (Anh Huy)

Pottery products here are very cheap with the prices only from dozens of thousands VND. More interestingly, you can learn how to make and create your unique ceramic stuffs on your own.

Bat Trang pottery village discovery and do ceramic stuffs by yourself (Youtube/ WIGO Hanoi)

5. Clothing and jewelry

Silver jewelry

Silver products are among things worth to buy in Hanoi. The jewelry is made from Vietnamese silver or Thai silver with modern and stylish designs to attract young customers.

things to buy in hanoi-silver jewelry

A glittering silver bracelet will make you look more gorgeous (Zing)

Address: Hang Bac or a well-known store in Quan Su Street (near the intersection with Trang Thi).

Silk & designed clothing

Silk is among things worth to buy in Hanoi thanks to its various type of materials and colors like raw material, hard material, soft material, etc.

things to buy in hanoi-silk

Traditional clothes which are made from silk (unescovietnam)

Address: Van Phuc silk village - 10km from the center of Hanoi. Silk from the village is characterized by cool, thin, lightweight and less wrinkled than conventional silk.

things to buy in hanoi-silk vanphuc

Van Phuc village always satisfy the visitors with products made from silk which have a variety of style and color (vnanet)

In addition, you can go to Hang Gai Street and Nha Tho Street to buy silk products, have your Ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress) designed and tailored, or buy hats, clothing, towels, bags, etc.

  • Co – 18 Nha Tho – Tel: 828 9925.
  • Ha Dong Silk – 102 Hang Gai – Tel: 828 5056.
  • Khai Silk – 121 Nguyen Thai Hoc – Tel: 747 0583.
  • Kana – 41 Hang Trong – Tel: 928 6208.
  • Kenly Silk – 108 Hang Gai – Tel: 826 7236.
  • Sông Hà Nội – 5-7 Nha Tho – Tel: 828 6965.
  • Ipa-Nima – 59G Hai Bà Trưng – Tel: 942 1872.
  • Cat Walk – 39 Văn Miếu – Tel: 747 0271.
  • Kid’s Fashion – 45 Quang Trung – Tel: 822 9226.

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