Hanoi beer corner: the most famous beer street named Ta Hien

Hanoi beer corner: the most famous beer street named Ta Hien

05-12-2016 10:47 Posted by: Thao Tran
See how a Hanoi beer corner with a beer street named Ta Hien becomes a unique culture of Hanoi and a popular place for foreign tourists.

famous hanoi beer corner

Discover Hanoi beer corner (fanggyii)

People in Hanoi have big passion for beer more than anywhere. They also spend a special sympathy for beer stalls on the sidewalk.

The culture of Hanoi beer becomes special when there is a famous "Hanoi beer street" where people drink beer with super cheap price, the place where  Western - Vietnamese culture meets, brothers and friends gather, talk about anything regardless of hot or cold season. That special street’s name is Ta Hien.

Address: 18 Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Price: 5000-15000 VND.

Opening times: 18h00 - 00h00.

Hanoi beer Ta Hien

General view at entrance of Ta Hien Street (tuan.leanh90)

Hanoi beer in Ta Hien

Ta Hien Street is crowded everyday (journey-tovietnam)

Ta Hien Street is about 100 meters long with many restaurants built continuously. It is the most famous street in Old Quarter and very crowded. Although people could mention many things related to Ta Hien like addicted foods such as fried rice, hotpot of grilled bird, cheese, etc., nothing can surpass the reputation of "draft beer".

Hanoi beer hang out

Nothing can surpass the reputation of "draft beer" on Ta Hien Street (vnexpress)

As you drink Hanoi beer, there are not high chairs or tables. Sellers only offer plastic low stools placed alternately as seats and a higher plastic stool as a table. Tables after tables spill over sidewalks but you absolutely won’t hear any loud squealing like usual beer stores or see the scene of hugging and cheering.

People here enjoy drinking Hanoi beer in the same way as enjoying Old Quarter coffee: slowly experience but not quiet. They are happier with many stories. I guarantee you will be surprised to see many women drinking beer at this Hanoi beer street.                   

The conception of men drinking beer after working hours doesn’t exist on this Hanoi beer street. In hot season, people call cold beer to reduce thirsty feeling while beer makes them warm in cold season.

Hanoi beer street women

A couple enjoyed their moments in the sidewalk (hanoifoodtour)

Right after sitting down, you can easily call yourself various kinds of beer bottles. However, the most unique thing in this street is cheap beer/ draft beer/ cold beer or "iced tea containing soda" as called by many foreign tourists because the price of a beer glass is just more than iced tea a little bit.

Beer Ta Hien doesn’t have high-class taste or anything too special but it combines bitter and sweet taste of beer with special taste of Hanoi’s sidewalk culture.

Beer Ta Hien isn’t really excellent, but it is certainly unique due to the harmonious mixture of many odors: the smell of fragrant grilled dried squid, fried eggs with mugwort, or steam from stalls selling boiled cassava and corn that make people not be able to refrain.

 Hanoi beer performance

Lively beer street corner at night (Stevie Pham)

Beer Ta Hien is the soul of this street. The light ferment of beer has enough ability to stimulate people’s excitation and emotions. Therefore, wide space in this Hanoi’s beer corner isn’t necessary any more but noisy and bustling atmosphere that no one pays attention to others and people freely wallow in beer’s flavor and their own stories.

Hanoi beer food  

People are hanging out with their friends while drinking beer and tasting delicious food (zing)

Beer Ta Hien is also a gathering place for so many international tourists. You can comfortably sit and talk with others like a longtime friend by a few words, or even just a glance with a smile or a handshake. Hanoians and foreign people love beer Ta Hien not only for its taste but also for the atmosphere, interference of cultures, cohesion of friendship without any borders.

Hanoi beer food chatting

Group of tourists experienced interesting moments on the street (vnexpress)

It is nice to watch a glass of cold beer with white foam and golden beer. You can order grilled quails, chicken legs with chillis and citronella, or French fries to enjoy more flavors while drinking beer. The bitter taste of beer mixes with strong flavor of foods will make you addicted.

Ta Hien is crowded mainly from the evening to late night. It is also the time for Old Quarter to take off its quiet overcoat during daytime and change into an excited and lively atmosphere which nearly never stops.

Hanoi beer grilled quail

Grilled quails with full of flavor – favorite food of people there (foody)

Ta Hien is very crowded at night. Perhaps this is the most crowded street of Old Quarter, so you should go a little early to take yourself a perfect seat. Furthermore, this street prohibits traffic at night, so you will have to park your vehicle at the beginning of the street or near Ho Guom Lake.

Beer Ta Hien has become a unique culture of Hanoi. The street is hot with lively music but not too noisy, still keep its ancient feature. Therefore, people who go away always keep it in mind.

I am not a big fan of beer but I’m addicted to the atmosphere there definitely!

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