Go through Vietnam Night Markets from North to South

Go through Vietnam Night Markets from North to South

08-12-2016 16:05 Posted by: Thao Tran
Let’s look through night markets in Vietnam from North to South to know more about lively and unique night market culture of the country.

vietnam night markets-old quarter lantern

Vietnam Night Markets from North to South (Foody/me.minh.kh0i)

Unlike the hustle, noise and complexity of the markets during the day, Vietnam night markets attracts tourists by cheerful atmosphere as festivals, unique and lovely items, even romance...

Let’s look through night markets in Vietnam from North to South to know more about lively and unique night market culture of the country.

1. Ky Lua night market - Lang Son

vietnam night markets-ky lua

Entrance of Ky Lua night market (Foody)

Located in the center of Lang Son city, Ky Lua market has been a bustling trading center for hundreds of years. This Vietnam night market is not just a trading place, it also expresses lively traditional cultures of the nation.

Each month, the market holds 6 sessions on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, 27th of lunar day. In addition to those who go to the market for the purpose of doing business, ethnic young people go there to meet friends and find a life partner through love songs.

If you have the opportunity to visit Lang Son, you should go shopping in Ky Lua market . The fresh air of forest in border area, pristine mountains, bustling scene of Ky Lua night market will certainly leave the impression that will be never faded.

2. Old Quarter night market - Hanoi

On weekend evenings (from Friday to Sunday), the market is held on the crowded ancient streets with bustling passers (Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Hang Duong, Hang Giay, Hang Khoai Streets from approximately 6 pm to 11 pm). Night Market in Old Quarter is one of the most famous Vietnam night market and has become a destination for not only domestic but also international tourists.

vietnam night markets-old quarter vietnam

Beautiful items characterized traditional culture of Vietnam (Yan)

Visiting the night market in Old Quarter of Hanoi, visitors can choose various types of items from clothing, bags to some handicraft items, etc.

vietnam night markets-old quarter

A corner of a shop selling colorful bags (Yan)

vietnam night markets-old quarter people

People is looking for their favorite items at some stalls (dantri)

The night market in Old Quarter is not only a place for shopping but also for tourists to immerge into lively, exciting and fun atmosphere and feel featured culture of Hanoi.

vietnam night markets-old quarter foreigner

A foreigner seems to be satisfied with his beautiful souvenir (Youtube/ Hanoi Broadcasting and Television station)

3. Hoi An night market - Quang Nam

vietnam night markets-hoi an

Glittering river shined by hundreds of lantern at night (Foody)

The dreamlike beauty of Hoi An when night falls is certainly enough attractive for those who visited it before to hopefully come back again.

Many people go to Hoi An night market not for their trading needs but for the interest of wandering and shopping in one of the most beautiful night markets in Vietnam located near the bank of poetic Hoai river.

vietnam night markets-hoi an lantern

Lanterns is the symbol of Hoi An night market (Foody)

Hoi An market opens at 5 pm and ends at 11 pm. You are not only overwhelmed by its lively atmosphere, glittering and colorful lanterns, the toy figurine or handmade products of local people. The famous dishes of ancient town Hoi An will make you fascinated.

Just enjoy the pleasure of shopping, feel carefree and relaxed while walking along the bank of dreaming Hoai River.

4. Nha Trang night market

Although Nha Trang night market is only 137m in length, its design is very unique and impressive. The market outlines vividly the idyllic and rustic scenery of Vietnam villages with clumps of bananas, a small bamboo bridge crossing the canal along with chariots. It is a very special Vietnam night market which is worth visiting because you can know more about Vietnam tradition.

vietnam night markets-nha trang

Various colorful items are waiting for their new owners (Foody)

Be right on the pedestrian street next to the cultural center - 46 Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang night market is the place where you can find your favorite handicrafts items and souvenirs. Food stalls in the market are also extremely noisy.

vietnam night markets-nha trang market

This is the place  you can find your favorite items(soha)

5. Hades market – Da Lat

When coming to Da Lat, you must visit Hades market. Although its name is quite creepy, Hades market brings an extremely bustling atmosphere. Visitors keep going to the market to buy coats, sweaters, scarves, etc. with very cheap prices.

vietnam night markets-da lat

Crowded and bustling atmosphere in the market (Foody)

In addition, this crowded Vietnam night market also attracts tourists by many popular and affordable dishes in lively food areas. In the smog of cool weather, sitting around with friends to enjoy delicious barbecue will surely be unforgettable memory in your mind.

vietnam night markets-da lat food

After a long walk, these delicious dishes will be warm up your stomach so you can gain energy to explore more about this market (Foody)

Da Lat night market opens very late (7 pm - 3 am), so you can freely enjoy the time to visit and explore the bustling atmosphere in each stall here.

vietnam night markets-da lat corner

Trays of fresh fruit which are arranged nicely will be a wonderful gift for your friends and relatives (Foody)

6. Ben Thanh night market - Saigon

vietnam night markets-ben thanh

Splendid night market (Foody)

Ben Thanh night market is located right in the side of Ben Thanh market. Market opens every day with different and plentiful kinds of items. People go there to shop and enjoy the fresh air at night as well.

vietnam night markets-ben thanh people

If you spend more time exploring here, you can find many unique items (Foody)

Ben Thanh night market is not only a place attracting foreign tourists to discover the special feature of Sai Gon but also a favorite spot of many young people who like to hunt for unique items.

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