Best must buy gifts from Vietnam charming foreign tourists

Best must buy gifts from Vietnam charming foreign tourists

18-11-2016 09:22 Posted by: Thao Tran
You will know the best and most popular gifts from Vietnam in this article. Find out unique souvenirs to buy in Vietnam as gifts when coming back your homeland.

Best must buy gifts from Vietnam

Best must buy gifts from Vietnam (tumblr/cuongdc)

Travelers mostly want to keep their memories and impressions of the land they set their foot on. And buying unique souvenirs seem to be the good way to do this. So what are the best gifts from Vietnam when traveling to there?

Beside handicrafts such as conical leaf hats or rattan items, tourists are impressed by Vietnam characterized souvenirs like sand paintings, ao dai, etc. because they are not only souvenirs but also the soul and beauty of the country rich in cultural values ​​and traditions.

1. Ao dai (long dress)

Ao dai (pronounced ow-yai) is one of the best gifts from Vietnam and famous in many countries around the world for its creativeness. The long gown has a unique design - discreetly but charming.

Gifts from Vietnam - Vietnamese traditional ao dai

Vietnamese traditional ao dai (Duong Minh)

The ao dai heighten the inherent beauty of Vietnamese women. Many foreign visitors to Vietnam like this costume a lot and many ones order to sew the ao dai and bring back to their country. Some famous tourist destinations such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Da Nang, Hue, etc. have many tailor shops meeting the needs of foreign visitors, so you can easily buy the ao dai in Vietnam.

Gifts from Vietnam - Ao dai

The ao dai heighten the inherent beauty of women (Rom Celano)

2. Non la (Conical leaf hat)

Conical hat has appeared in Vietnam since the mid-13th century and had a strong attachment to people there, especially farmers. In addition to its protection function, the hat combined with costumes like ao dai or ao ba ba (Vietnamese silk ensemble) makes women become charming more.

Gifts from Vietnam - Conical hat

Conical hat (Rom Celano)

The color and style of conical hat varies in each region, for example, the ethnic Tay’s conical hats are red while they are light white in Thanh Hoa, Hue’s conical hats are thinner than Binh Dinh’s, etc.

The image of conical hats is really beautiful when going along with the pure white ao dai of schoolgirls or Vietnamese woman in late afternoon sunlight. And as indispensable, conical hat becomes a symbol of Vietnam apart from its common usage.

3. Craft items

International tourists also often think of handicrafts as typical souvenirs to buy in Vietnam. Tourists visiting west areas usually buy beautiful handicrafts made from coconut, or woody crafts with the symbols of Ben Thanh Market, Nha Rong wharf in Ho Chi Minh City, or seashell souvenirs in Nha Trang, Vung Tau, etc. 

Gifts from Vietnam - Bat Trang ceramics

Bat Trang ceramics (lat.itakk)

Gifts from Vietnam - Unique Bat Trang ceramics

Unique Bat Trang ceramics (lat.itakk)

Moreover, foreign tourists also buy ceramic handicrafts (Bat Trang, Minh Long ceramics, etc.). These items are often carved and painted describing Vietnam life and this is actually the attraction to those who want to learn more about activities of Vietnamese people.

4. Brocade

Brocade is among best gifts in Vietnam that are favorites of many tourists when visiting Sapa, Da Lat or some mountains in north areas.

Gifts from Vietnam - Brocade

Brocade is common in some mountains of north areas (wanderlusttips)

Brocades are usually sold in markets, streets or souvenir shops. It takes a few months to complete a shirt, and making a dress needs a lot of stages. Brocades are woven entirely by hand, so stitching are slightly rough, a little dark and its color combination is not as eye-catching as items made by machines. Just looking at brocade outfits, you will see how really patient people are to make these wonderful things.

5. Bamboo souvenirs

Besides rice, bamboo tree is also the symbol of Vietnamese and nation’s will. There are many bamboo souvenirs in Vietnam drawing the attention of international visitors like bookmarks, decorative lights, cosmetic containers, trays, etc.

Gifts from Vietnam - Bamboo souvenirs (vnbamboo)

Unique bamboo decorative lights (vnbamboo)

6. Vietnamese silk

A part from ao dai, you cannot miss other gifts in Vietnam made from silks like clothes, scarves, handbags, etc. Van Phuc village, Hanoi is well-known place making the best silk that is different from others in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, or Shang Hai in China.

Gifts from Vietnam - Vietnamese silk (zing)

Vietnamese silk is different from others (zing)

7. Sand painting

Sand painting has been considered as one of the pride of Vietnamese. To make a sand painting, the artist must use transparent glass vases without patterns, pour each layer of sand into vases, and then spread sand in the shape of picture they want.

Themes of sand paintings are associated with the country and Vietnamese such as ao dai, working life, villages, landscapes, etc.

Gifts from Vietnam - Sand painting

Interesting sand painting​ (vnp)

The way to make sand painting​ (Youtube/Van Virgo News)

8. Art paintings

Those who love the art may not be able to ignore the allure of traditional Dong Ho paintings printed on the bark of a tree called “dzo" mixed with power of seashells and glutinous rice. In addition, there are some unique types of Vietnam paintings such as XQ embroidery paintings, silk paintings, Xuan Lai village’s smoked bamboo paintings, etc. that are also interesting to give to your friends and relatives.

Gifts from Vietnam -  Dong Ho painting (Youtube/Le Bich)

Dong Ho painting (Youtube/Le Bich)

9. Some regional specialties

Beside popular gifts in Vietnam as mentioned above, foreign tourists coming to Vietnam also buy specific regional specialties like Hanoi “O mai” (salted or sugared dry apricot), Hanoi green rice flakes, Hue sesame candies, Binh Dinh fermented pork roll, Phu Quoc fish sauce, Nha Trang fish sauce, Ben Tre coconut candies, Phan Thiet “Banh re” (sweet potato cakes), etc.

Gifts from Vietnam -  Hanoi green rice flakes​ (Giang Trinh)

Hanoi green rice flakes​ (Giang Trinh)

Surely, you now find out some interesting gifts to buy in Vietnam. So just purchase them as special gifts for the ones you love at your homeland. 

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